‘Tom Johnson 1872-1963: Seeking No Honours’ by Shay Cody

Tom Johnson 1872-1963: Seeking No Honours‘ by Shay Cody (Free Online Talk on Saturday 5 March)

The Irish Labour History Society are hosting a free online talk, via Zoom, on Saturday 5 March at 4PM on Tom Johnson by Mr Shay Cody.

Tom Johnson played a very significant role throughout the Decade of Centenaries Period. An important eyewitness to the 1916 Rising, Tom Johnson is most widely known for co-authoring the early drafts of the Democratic Programme of the First Dáil, adopted in 1919.

As leader of the parliamentary opposition in the third Dáil from 1922 onwards, he played a crucial role in holding the Free State Government to account during the darkest days of the Civil War, the bedding down of democracy and ensuring socio-economic issues of concern continued to be highlighted during the military conflict between the pro-Treaty and anti-Treaty factions of Sinn Féin.

This talk will explore Johnson’s prominent role throughout the War of Independence and Civil War, including in the General Strikes, the anti-conscription campaign, the Limerick Soviet & ensuring the Irish Trade Union Congress and Labour Party (successfully) entered the 1922 General Election.

This talk is based on a new publication Tom & Marie Johnson SEEKING NO HONOURS – Irish Labour History Society  published by the Irish Labour History Society.

Places for this free free talk can be booked via https://tomjohnson.eventbrite.ie or by emailing [email protected] 

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