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Use the timelines to find out more about events between 1912 and 1922

1919 Timeline

21 January: First meeting of Dáil Éireann in Dublin’s Mansion House declares Ireland independent. From the Houses of the Oireachtas: Dáil100.   21 January: Soloheadbeg ambush in Co. Tipperary. Two members of RIC are killed in an attack by members of the IRA under Dan Breen and Sean Treacy; this is generally regarded as the first engagement of…

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1918 Timeline

8 Jan: US President Woodrow Wilson announces his so-called ‘fourteen points’, outlining the proposed contours of a post-war international order, in an address to the US Congress. From the International encyclopaedia of the First World War: The fourteen points.   2 Feb: South Armagh by-election won by Patrick Donnelly for the Irish Parliamentary Party, defeating…

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1917 Timeline

3 Feb: North Roscommon by-election won by George Plunkett, father of the executed Joseph Mary Plunkett, on a separatist ticket. From Century Ireland: Count Plunkett victorious in North Roscommon by-election.   7 March: Prime Minister Lloyd George give speech in House of Commons accepting the validity of unionist position, thereby prompting John Redmond and nationalist MPs…

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1916 Timeline

Jan: Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) decide to embark upon an insurrection as soon as possible.   10 Jan: Evacuation of allied forces from Gallipoli completed. From Century Ireland: Gallipoli evacuation complete   19-22 Jan: James Connolly co-opted onto IRB Military Council in Dublin. From UCD Decade of Centenaries: read the Dictionary of Irish Biography entry on…

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1915 Timeline

5 January: W.T. Cosgrave returned unopposed as Sinn Féin member of Dublin Corporation.   24 January: Naval battle of Dogger Bank.   18 February: Beginning of German naval blockade of Britain and Ireland. From Century Ireland: Germany declares Irish sea to be a ‘war zone’.   2 March: Suppression of Arthur Griffith’s newspaper Scissors and paste. From…

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1914 Timeline

1914:   18 January: ITGWU, in closed session, recommends that members return to work if they are not obliged to take pledge repudiating membership. From History Ireland: The aftermath of the Dublin Lockout.   20 March: ‘Curragh Incident’: 57 of 70 officers of the 3rd Cavalry Brigade, along with their commanding officer, Gen. Hubert Gough,…

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1913 Timeline

1913:   16 January: Third reading of the Home Rule bill passes the House of Commons by 367 votes to 257.   30 January: The Home Rule bill is defeated in the House of Lords by 326 votes to 69.   31 January: The Ulster Unionist Council (UUC) officially establishes a paramilitary body, the Ulster…

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1912 Timeline

1912:   11 April: Introduction of a third Home Rule bill in House of Commons by Liberal Prime Minister Herbert Asquith. Click here to listen to the History Ireland Hedge School: ‘Home Rule: lost opportunity or sell-out?’  Or watch the recording here. From Century Ireland: What was Home Rule?   14–15 April: White Star liner Titanic,…

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