Leagan Gaeilge


Use the timelines to find out more about events between 1912 and 1922

1918 Timeline

8 Jan: US President Woodrow Wilson announces his so-called ‘fourteen points’, outlining the proposed contours of a post-war international order, in an address to the […]

1917 Timeline

3 Feb: North Roscommon by-election won by George Plunkett, father of the executed Joseph Mary Plunkett, on a separatist ticket. From Century Ireland: Count Plunkett […]

1916 Timeline

Jan: Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) decide to embark upon an insurrection as soon as possible.   10 Jan: Evacuation of allied forces from Gallipoli completed. […]

1915 Timeline

5 January: W.T. Cosgrave returned unopposed as Sinn Féin member of Dublin Corporation.   24 January: Naval battle of Dogger Bank.   18 February: Beginning […]

1914 Timeline

1914:   18 January: ITGWU, in closed session, recommends that members return to work if they are not obliged to take pledge repudiating membership. From […]

1913 Timeline

1913:   16 January: Third reading of the Home Rule bill passes the House of Commons by 367 votes to 257.   30 January: The […]

1912 Timeline

1912:   11 April: Introduction of a third Home Rule bill in House of Commons by Liberal Prime Minister Herbert Asquith. Click here to listen […]

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