Three Irish women in Indian Nationalism

Lucille McDermott is a research intern studying History at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

She became interested in these three women after coming across Annie Besant in a module she took on Indian nationalism.

She says, ‘It was hard to believe that an Irish woman had travelled halfway around the world to India and had become one of the leaders of the nationalist movement there. When I continued looking into Annie Besant, I found two other women who also made this journey and became pivotal in Indian nationalism: Sister Nivedita and Margaret Cousins. To go so far away from all your family and friends to a place where you did not know the language or culture and involve yourself in the nationalist cause there is really extraordinary.’

Episode 1: Sister Nivedita 

Episode 2: Annie Besant

Episode 3: Margaret Cousins 

Episode 4: Nationalist and Unionist Newspapers

Episode 5: Maternal Imperialists or Feminist Allies? Part 1

Episode 6: Maternal Imperialists or Feminist Allies? Part 2

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