The Big House: Protesting the Loyalties to Ireland

Since the foundation of Ireland as a Republic, Protestants – particularly in relation to the era of the War of Independence and ensuing Civil War – have been categorised, by and large, as outsiders in Cork County and the wider nation, but the truth is much more complex than that.

‘The Big House: Protesting the Loyalties to Ireland’ is a three part radio documentary series where we will hear the story of 20th Century Ireland from the perspective of Protestants. This documentary series will give audiences a full view of how life played out for many Protestants across Ireland during an era spanning the last few years of the 19th century and first few decades of the 20th century by the accounts of historians and academics.

“The Big House: Protesting the Loyalties to Ireland” will play in three parts on LifeFM 93.1 at 10.10am on Tuesday the 13th of September, Wednesday the 14th of September and Thursday the 15th of September and worldwide on

This project is supported by Cork County Council through the County Cork Commemorations Grant Scheme 2022.

For more information, contact the station at 021-4964444 or by email at [email protected].

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