The assassination of Sir Henry Wilson and the Irish Civil War

Image: Field Marshall Sir Henry Wilson (1922) by Sir Oswald Birley. (Belfast City Council)

On 22 June 1922 Field Marshall Sir Henry Wilson, former Chief of the Imperial General Staff, and Unionist MP for North Down, was assassinated outside his London home in Eaton Square. The anti-Treaty IRA were blamed and six days later, under pressure from the British, Michael Collins ordered the bombardment of the Four Courts, the opening salvos of the Irish Civil War.

But who was Henry Wilson?

Was he, as was alleged, the mastermind behind the anti-Catholic pogroms in Belfast 1920-22?

And who ordered the hit?

To address these and other questions listen to History Ireland editor, Tommy Graham, in discussion with John Dorney, Caoimhe Nic Dhaibhéid, Padraig Óg Ó Ruairc, John Regan.

(Recorded at St Peter’s, North Main Street, Cork, as part of the National Civil War Conference, UCC, on Saturday 18 June 2022)


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