Roscommon County Council Culture Night Commission

Roscommon County Council Culture Night Commission

The Culture Night – Decade of Centenaries 1921::2021 Commission marks the second in a series of artistic
commissions inviting artists to reflect on Roscommon’s role in the struggle for independence.

The 2021 commission to the value of €15,000 is supported by the Community Strand of the 2021 Decade of
Centenaries Programme as part of the Arts Office/Arts Council of Ireland Culture Night Programme.

The commission invites artists, in all art forms, to reflect on the themes of the Decade of Centenaries
Programme relevant to life in Roscommon around the period 1921, with 2021 vision, and create a new and
imaginative work which will engage the public.

The work should be produced as a blended work for digital
dissemination and for outdoor presentation in County Roscommon on Culture Night, 17th September 2021
and as an archived online event for the remainder of 2021.

How to Apply:
Roscommon County Council Arts Office invites professional artists to submit applications for consideration
for this commission. Applicants must have been born or currently live in County Roscommon.
One document must be submitted, labeled with the name of the artist or artist team, with the following

 Max three-page project proposal outlining the artist statement, ideas and concepts for the project,
budget and timeline;

 Identify the digital platform and the proposed outdoor locations county-wide;

 A current CV max two-page (or one for each member of the team, if applicable);

 Artists must provide details of any sub-contractors whom they propose to engage to create the work;

 Low res images of three recent, relevant projects (up to a maximum of 2 images per project) including a
written description of the materials, size, title.

 Video work must be abridged to max 3 minutes duration and links and passwords to be included in the

Applications should demonstrate the following:
 Proposal for a new and imaginative work which reflects the Decade of Centenaries themes & objectives
(see appendix 1) relevant to Roscommon, and which will engage the public;

 Clear track record of relevant personnel;

 High artistic merit and work which is exceptional, progressive, imaginative and relevant to 2021;

 Clearly achievable within the available budget and timeline;

 An understanding of delivering a blended work for digital dissemination and for outdoor presentation in
a number of locations (including adherence to Covid guidelines);

 The total inclusive budget of €15,000 should include: artist fees, any other professional service fees,
materials and fabrication, insurance, transportation, travel, accommodation etc. If more than one artist
is involved, the lead artist must be identified in the application, to whom payment will issue.

The final piece must be made available to Roscommon County Council and funding partners for sharing on
websites/social media thereafter and for archival purposes.

Applications should be emailed by Monday 24th May 2021 to [email protected], with the
subject Culture Night – Decade of Centenaries Commission 2021. (Queries to the same email)

Further details *here*

Appendix 1

Objectives of the 2021 -2023 Decade of Centenaries Programme
The current objectives laid down for the Decade of Centenaries programme have provided a very effective
and supportive framework for all of those involved in the commemorative process as follows:

  1. To focus on themes of reconciliation and on remembrance of all of those who lost their lives during
    this period;
  2. To promote a deeper understanding of the significant historical events of this period, recognising
    that the shared historical experiences of those years gave rise to very different narratives and
  3. To encourage reflection about the multiple identities, traditions and perspectives that are part of the
    overall Irish historical experience;
  4. To respond with sensitivity to the local historical context, acknowledging that there was no uniform
    experience within counties or across the island of Ireland.
  5. To continue to promote a consultative and open approach to commemorations, which seeks to
    strengthen peace and reconciliation across the island of Ireland. A core element of reconciliation is
    acknowledgement of the legitimacy of all of the traditions on the island that draw their identity and
    collective memory from our shared history.
    Broad themes 2021 – 2023
  6. Community-led commemoration and reflection; Remembering local legacies, personalities, places,
    events and themes that have particular significance within counties, parishes and communities.
  7. Respectful, sensitive and non-partisan remembrance of all of those who suffered and died during the
    period from 1921-1923.
  8. The Partitioning of Ireland – Exploration of the impact and legacy of the events that occurred during
    this period on communities living along the newly established border and further afield.
  9. Ireland and the Wider World – Exploration of the international dimension, including local
    connections, emigration, and the role of the Irish Diaspora in the events that occurred during the
    revolutionary period. Also, exploring the evolution of all-island institutions following partition.
  10. Experiences of women – Exploration of the experiences of women during this period and their
    contribution to the events that occurred, including their changing role in society.
  11. Establishing a New Order –
  • Exploring the significance of local government reform and the evolution of new political and
    administrative structures at national and local level;
  • Establishment of the various institutions of the Irish Free State (including Civil Service, the
    Defence Forces, An Garda Síochána, judiciary, and courts services);
  • Development of new infrastructure (transportation, communications, postal services); and
  • Continuing the parliamentary tradition – Elections during this period – the prominent
    personalities and local issues associated with the 1920 local elections and also, the 1922 and
    1923 general elections.
  1. A Changing Society during this period, including:
  • The labour movement and civil disobedience
  • Popular social, cultural and civic movements
  • Social class and gender
  • The Irish language
  • The Land Question
  • The significance of sport in communities during this period
  • The humanitarian response during the Struggle for Independence and the Civil War
  • Innovation in the fields of agriculture, industry, science, commerce and medicine

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