Monaghan War of Independence

Monaghan’s War of Independence 1919- 1921

Working in collaboration with Professor Terence Dooley of Maynooth University, Monaghan County Museum has published a new booklet to accompany their exhibition (link to the booklet below):  

Using stunning imagery, objects, film and first-hand accounts as well as new research into the history of the conflict in Monaghan.

This new and important investigation into what happened in the county during those fateful years reveals a tale, which is more than just a struggle between the IRA and the British forces for control of the county. Stories such as the impact of the conflict on the local population – men and women, sectarianism due to Monaghan’s proximity with the Unionist majority counties in Ulster as well as land issues all played a part in the history of the War of Independence in Monaghan.

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