Landscapes of Revolution Archaeology Project; The Tipperary Old IRA Map

In late 2021 the Tipperary County Council Heritage Officer and the Landscapes of Revolution Project at Abarta Heritage were alerted to the existence of an early 20th century Ordnance Survey map that appeared to bear annotations from the Revolutionary period. These markings, in different coloured inks, include what seem to be trails and routes together with the specific locations. The map was subsequently placed on loan with Tipperary Studies, and can be viewed by clicking here. It is apparent that the map holds significant potential for revealing new insights into the revolutionary landscape of large tracts of the Tipperary 3rd Brigade area.

Tipperary County Council have commissioned the Landscapes of Revolution Project to raise awareness about the map and work with the public to uncover more details about the map. As well as gathering new data on the map, it is hoped that the project can add to our knowledge of precisely what the map depicts, when and why it was created, and who created it.

The first public talk of the project will take place on Tuesday, 08th March at 19.00 and all are welcome to attend. This is a FREE online talk via zoom. A link to the talk will be issued the day before the event with a reminder on the morning of the event.


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