In this month: September 1914

9 September: IRB and others meet in Dublin and resolve to use the European war as an opportunity to carry out an insurrection; meeting includes all seven signatories of the eventual ‘Proclamation’ used in the 1916 Rising.

From History IrelandA special issue on the ninetieth anniversary of the Easter Rising. 

From Century Ireland: Planning a rising for Ireland.


11 September: Formation of second ‘new army’, to include the 16th (Irish) Division.


18 September: Government of Ireland Act, 1914, is suspended.


20 September: John Redmond gives speech at Woodenbridge, Co. Wicklow, arguing that  Irish Volunteers should enlist ‘in defence of right, of freedom, of religion in this war’.

From Century Ireland: Redmond urges Irish Volunteers to join the British Army.


24 September: Redmond’s leadership of Irish Volunteers repudiated by members of original committee, including Eoin MacNeill.

From Century IrelandIrish Volunteers spilt over Redmond’s recruitment plea.


25–26 September: Redmond and Prime Minister Asquith address recruiting meeting in Dublin’s Mansion House.

From Century IrelandAsquith attends Dublin recruitment rally and shots fired as Dubliners protest against recruitment to British army.


28 September: Formation of Irish Neutrality League with James Connolly as president.



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