Exploring the Civil War in Sligo

‘Exploring the Civil War in Sligo’  on Thursday 22nd September at 8pm in the Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo is a journey with four local historians, whose published works deal with the period. It gives an overview of the Civil War in Sligo and deals with specific aspects of it. Speakers include Dr Michael Farry, Cian Harte, Dr Padraig Deignan and Dr Marion Dowd.

Dr Michael Farry, author of “The Irish Revolution Sligo 1912-1923” will deliver an overview of the events of 1922: the onset of the Civil War and how it impacted the county.

Cian Harte, author of “The Lost Tales: Riverstown’s Troubles 1919-1923” will examine the impact of the Civil War on the IRA brigades from the area who had fought during the War of Independence. How did these forces divide and why? 

Dr Padraig Deignan, author of “The Protestant Community in Sligo, 1914-1949”, examines how the Protestant community were impacted with the county in turmoil. Having been overwhelmingly Unionist in outlook they were now in a position where no matter who won they were sundered from the certainties of their past.

Dr Marion Dowd, author of The Archaeology of Caves in Ireland which won Book of the Year at the 2016 Archaeology Awards will talk on Tomour Cave a Civil War time capsule. The cave was used by anti-treaty forces living off the land during the guerrilla fighting that characterised the later part of the military activities of the anti-treaty forces in Sligo.   

Tickets for this event are free but limited to two per person from the Hawk’s Well Theatre Box Office from the 29th August 2022

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