Doc on One: Thomas and Tess

Documentary on One

Thomas and Tess

Tess Murray never forgot her first love. She was engaged to Thomas McEver during the Irish War of Independence, but their lives changed when he was abducted, brutally murdered and accused of being a spy. (2019)


Thomas And Tess focuses on one horrific violent incident on May 20th,1921 In Dunmore County Galway, a town close to the Mayo and Roscommon borders. A pharmacist was abducted from his lodgings in the middle of the night. It was reported the following morning that his body had been found with a sign attached, declaring him to be a spy, shot by the IRA. But the death of Thomas McEver left the people of Dunmore bewildered and horrified and what happened after he was killed remains in dispute. And for one person in particular, Thomas’ fiancé, the trauma of his death left a deep and surreal scar.


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