Delivering Justice: The Law Courts in Dublin Castle (1923 – 1931)

‘Delivering Justice: The Law Courts in Dublin Castle (1923 – 1931)’

The ‘Delivering Justice’ exhibition showcases some rarely-seen-before images of the State Apartment rooms being fitted and used for court purposes – St Patrick’s Hall, for example, was transformed into a makeshift law library – as well as reproductions of the legal diaries that were issued at the time. But it also profiles some of the main judges of this era, starting with Kennedy but also including fellow Supreme Court colleagues James Murnaghan and Gerald Fitzgibbon, future Chief Justice Timothy Sullivan, and future Supreme Court judge James Creed Meredith.

This exhibition is located in the Gothic Room in the State Apartments and will run until the end of the year. Entry is free and tickets can be obtained from Dublin Castle’s ticket desk.

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