Commemorating Bloody Sunday in the Junior Cycle history classroom

In the early morning of Sunday 21 November 1920 units of Dublin’s IRA assassinated 11 suspected British intelligence agents; two Auxiliaries and two civilians were also killed.

That afternoon Crown forces opened fire on the crowd at a Dublin vs Tipperary football match in Croke Park, killing 14 people. Later that evening senior IRA officers Peadar Clancy and Dick McKee, and civilian Conor Clune, were ‘shot while trying to escape’ from Dublin Castle.

Collectively these killings became known as Bloody Sunday.

To discuss these events, with particular relevance to history teachers, join History Ireland editor, Tommy Graham, in discussion with Donal FallonJohn GibneyLiz Gillis and Angela Hanratty.

Listen *here*

Donal Fallon is Historian in Residence in 14 Henrietta Street and presents the Three Castles Burning podcast.

John Gibney is Assistant Editor with the Royal Irish Academy’s Documents on Irish Foreign Policy series.

Liz Gillis is author of 25 May: the burning of the Custom House 1921.

Angela Hanratty is a History and English teacher seconded to Junior Cycle for Teachers as an Advisor for History.

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