‘Dublin Castle has fallen!’ – the handover, 16 January 1922.

Image: Cover of The Handover: Dublin Castle and the British withdrawal from Ireland, 1922
by John Gibney and Kate O’Malley, published by The Royal Irish Academy, 2021.

‘Dublin Castle has fallen!’—the handover, 16 January 1922

Under the terms of the Anglo-Irish Treaty, a Provisional Government, led by Michael Collins, was to
oversee the transition of power until the Irish Free State formally came into being in December 1922.

What was involved in the ‘handover’ that took place on 16 January 1922?

Who was involved and what were their roles?

To address these and related questions join Tommy Graham in discussion with John Gibney, Kate O’Malley, Edward Madigan, and Padraig Óg Ó Ruairc.

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