In this month: August 1914

From Century Ireland: Mark Duncan on Ireland in August 1914.


1–2 August: Nationalist gunrunning at Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow.


3 August: German declaration of war against France; John Redmond pledges Irish support for any war and suggests that the Irish Volunteers and UVF should take responsibility for defence of Ireland.

From History IrelandThe rhetoric of Redmondism, 1914-16. 

From Century Ireland: The Irish political response to the outbreak of World War One.


4 August: German invasion of Belgium; UK declares war.

From Century Ireland: Britain declares war on Germany.


8 August: Defence of the Realm Act, 1914.

From Century IrelandWilliam Murphy on the Defence of the Realm Act.


15 August: Censorship of press begins.


21 August: Formation of ‘new’ army, to include the 10th (Irish) Division and the 36th (Ulster) Division.


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