‘Admirals for a Day’: Take-over of the Kildare Street club by the anti-Treaty Republicans in May 1922

Wednesday 5 May, 7.30pm

Cormac  O’Malley will read an unpublished humorous but historic vignette written in 1935 by his War of Independence father, General Ernie O’Malley, called ‘Admirals for a Day’.

Following the reading, Cormac O’Malley and Charles Lysaght will discuss the takeover of the Kildare Street Club (KSC) by Republican soldiers in May 1922 just before that start of the civil war. 

They will then talk about the background of the KSC, what happened in the immediate aftermath of the takeover and how the Free State government reacted to those events including compensation.

 The conversation will be moderated by Dr Sandra Collins, Director of the National Library of Ireland.

Platform: Zoom

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