8 November 2016: History Ireland ‘Hedge School’: ‘"All changed, changed utterly…"? Ireland 1916-18′, National Library of Ireland, Dublin 2

Hedge School logoPLAINdOn Tuesday 8 November 2016 the National Library of Ireland hosted a History Ireland ‘Hedge School’ debate on the subject of Ireland in the aftermath of the Easter Rising. The contrast between the apparent indifference, even hostility, of the public response to the Rising of Easter 1916 with the landslide victory of Sinn Féin in the general election of December 1918 seems to bear out the famous lines of W.B. Yeats. But was the change as dramatic as it seemed or the result of ‘a long gestation’? And if there was a change what were the developments that led to it? To discuss these and related matters History Ireland editor, Tommy Graham hosted a round table discussion with Mary McAuliffe (UCD Womens’ Studies), Brian Hanley (contributor, Atlas of the Irish Revolution), Fearghal McGarry (Queen’s University, Belfast), and Padraig Yeates (A City in Civil War).

Stream or download the full recording of this ‘Hedge School’.

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