7 November 2015: History Ireland ‘Hedge School’: ‘1916 outside Dublin’, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal

Hedge School logoPLAINdOn Saturday 7 November a History Ireland ‘Hedge School’ debate took place in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal as part of the Allingham Festival, on the subject is ‘1916 outside Dublin’. Next year’s commemorations of the 1916 Rising will naturally be focused on Dublin, where most of the action took place. But what happened (or didn’t happen) beyond the metropolis? What was the intended plan (if any)? Did it have any real chance of success? How did the Rising and its aftermath impact on the rest of the country? The discussion was chaired by History Ireland editor Tommy Graham, and the panelists are Conor McNamara (NUI Galway), John Gibney (History Ireland), Jonathan Bardon and Marc Geagan.

From History Ireland: Conor McNamara on ‘The most shoneen town in Ireland’: Galway in 1916.

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