4 April 2017: Dublin City Hall lunchtime lecture: ‘Ireland and the Great War in Belgium’, Dublin City Hall, Dublin 2

On Tuesday 4 April 2017 Dublin City Council  presented the first of its 2017 lunchtime lecture series on the theme of ‘Remembrance & commemoration: the First World War’. The First World War was at that date the most devastating conflict in world history – never before had so many people been slaughtered and so many countries been involved. The commemoration of this tragic event required careful consideration. This series looks at commemoration in Belgium, Germany, Northern Ireland and the Irish Free State, and is designed to complement the Assembly memorial chairs WW1 exhibit.

The first lecture in the series, on ‘Ireland and the Great War in Belgium’, was delivered by Piet Chielens (In Flanders Fields Museum) in the Council Chamber, City Hall from 1.10 – 1.50pm.

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