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Paul Woods, ‘Verdun, Fort Douaumont’

Between 27 February and 1 April 2015 Tipperary Excel Arts Centre, Tipperary Town, hosted an exhibition entitled ‘Fields of war: contemporary approaches to painting World War One. Paul Woods is an Irish artist who graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design. He has exhibited in Ireland, America and Poland, and the impact of warfare and conflict are predominant themes in his work. The exhibition followed the trail of the main battles fought on the Western Front, including the Marne, the Somme, Ypres and Verdun, taking a bird’s eye view of the landscape. The paintings themselves are depicted in an abstract expressionist style, which bonds well with the original sourced archival photographic imagery. Many of the photographic images sourced for the painting process came from aerial photography and topographical views of the landscape in war.

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From History Ireland: Keith Jeffery on Irish artists of the First World War.

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