25 June 2016: ‘The Rogers Casement’, Ballyvoy, Co. Antrim

Ed41-CasementOn Saturday 25 June 2016 Carey Historical Society presented a one-day event entitled ‘The Rogers Casement’. This was a unique look at the story of Roger Casement, hosted in the parish of Culfeightrin on the north-eastern coastline of County Antrim, which stretches from the Casement family home in Glenshesk in the west to Casement’s requested burial place in Murlough to the east. The title is a play on words, referring to the multiple identities of Casement: imperialist turned anti-imperialist, raised a Protestant but secretly baptised a Catholic, British Consul turned Irish Republican, and, paradoxically, a 1916 leader who sought to call off the Easter Rising.

The event consisted of a wide range of lectures, performances, and exhibitions. Speakers will include Fionntáin McCarry, Angus Mitchell, Jeffrey Dudgeon, and Pierrot Ngadi. The event will take place in Carey Hall, Bullyboy, Co. Antrim. The full programme and booking details can be found here.

Explore the most recent edition of the University of Notre Dame’s online journal Breac, which was a special issue on the life of Roger Casement.

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