21 April 2016: Opening of ‘Casement in Kerry: a revolutionary journey’, Kerry County Museum, Tralee, Co. Kerry

rogercasement-1On Thursday 21 April 2016 Kerry County Museum opened a new exhibition entitled Casement in Kerry: a revolutionary journey. Roger Casement’s landing at Banna Strand on Good Friday 1916 was a pivotal event in the run-up to the rebellion that broke out in Dublin a few days later. The exhibition explores Casement’s fascinating life journey; from crown servant, to celebrated international humanitarian, to doomed revolutionary. It examines the repercussions his brief sojourn in Kerry had on locals, how the failure of his gun running mission affected the Easter Rising, and how his trial for high treason was prosecuted in London. The exhibition also explores his posthumous legacy and provides a unique opportunity to view items that have never been exhibited before. With its non-Dublin focus, Casement in Kerry: a revolutionary journey makes an important contribution to the national commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising.

From the University of Notre Dame: read a special issue of the online journal Breac on the life and afterlife of Roger Casement.

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