20-21 November 2015: ‘What’s your 1916 story?’ Historical evaluation days, Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin 11.

unnamedOn Friday 20 and Saturday 21 November Glasnevin Trust hosted two historical evaluation days related to the 1916 Rising, which provided members of the public with an opportunity to obtain a free historical assessment of Easter Rising artefacts and heirlooms. Members of the public were encouraged to along any contemporary items of relevance, including documents, letters, diaries, medals, uniforms and objects. The evaluations took place on Friday 20 Saturday 21 November, from 10am-4pm in Glasnevin Cemetery Museum. Items may then be loaned for a temporary 1916 Easter Rising exhibition, to be held in in Glasnevin Cemetery Museum’s Prospect Gallery. Any evaluation was for insurance purposes only.

For more details contact Conor Dodd: [email protected]/01-8826550

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