1913 Timeline



16 January: Third reading of the Home Rule bill passes the House of Commons by 367 votes to 257.


30 January: The Home Rule bill is defeated in the House of Lords by 326 votes to 69.


31 January: The Ulster Unionist Council (UUC) officially establishes a paramilitary body, the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), as part of the ongoing unionist campaign against Home Rule.

From History Ireland: The foundation of the UVF.


7 July: The Home Rule bill passes in the House of Commons by 352 votes to 243.


15 July: The Home Rule bill is defeated in the House of Lords by 302 votes to 64.


26 August: Lockout begins in Dublin.

From History Ireland: The 1913 Lockout.


30 August–1 September: Disturbances and riots break out in Dublin arising from the Lockout.

From Century Ireland: Bloody Sunday’ in Dublin, 1913. 


2 September: Two tenements collapse on Church Street in Dublin, killing seven people.

From History Ireland: The Church Street disaster.


3 September: Dublin employers, led by William Martin Murphy, pledge to repudiate James Larkin’s Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU).

From History Ireland: William Martin Murphy as patriotic entrepreneur or soulless money-grubbing tyrant?


8 September: Publication of poem about the events in Dublin by W.B. Yeats: ‘September 1913’

From Century Ireland: W.B. Yeats’ reading ‘September 1913’.


17 September: In Newry, Sir Edward Carson announces that an Ulster ‘Provisional Government’ will be formed should Home Rule be implemented.

From Century Ireland: A provisional government in Belfast.


24 September: The Ulster Unionist Council approves Carson’s proposal and designates that its standing committee will be the ‘central authority’ for the provisional government, which will be headed by Carson.

From History Ireland: Edward Carson as Ulster unionist or Irish patriot?


7 October: George Russell (AE) publishes an open letter in the Irish Times in response to the Dublin Lockout: ‘To the masters of Dublin’.


21 October: In a letter to the Freeman’s Journal, Archbishop William Walsh of Dublin denounces a plan to evacuate the children of Dublin workers to Britain.

From Century Ireland: Archbishop Walsh and the children.


24 October: Meeting of Protestants hostile to Ulster Unionist resistance to Home Rule takes place in Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.

From History Ireland: The Ballymoney meeting.


27 October: Imprisonment of James Larkin for use of seditious language.

From History IrelandJim Larkin as hero or wrecker?


1 November: Publication of Eoin MacNeill’s article ‘The North Began’ in the Gaelic League organ An Claidheamh Soluis, advocating formation of nationalist equivalent to UVF.

From Century Ireland: Read ‘The North Began’.


19 November: Irish Citizen Army launched in the Antient Concert Rooms, Dublin.

From History Ireland: The founding of the Irish Citizen Army. 


25 November: The Irish Volunteers launched at Rotunda Rink, Dublin, in response to MacNeill’s article.


4 December: The importation of military weapons into Ireland prohibited by royal proclamation.


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