18 June 2016: Bundoran 1916-2016: respecting all traditions, Bundoran, Co. Donegal

HistoryPage-2On Saturday 18 June 2016 Bundoran Community Development Group and Bundoran Community Library, in conjunction with Magh Ene Historical Society, presented an afternoon of lectures and open discussions examining the events of Easter 1916 from several viewpoints. Quincy Dougan delivered two short lectures, entitled ‘1916- An Ulster Loyalist perspective’ ,and ‘Rebellion 1916-Sacrifice 1916. From Dublin to the Somme’. Patrick Hugh Lynch delivered a lecture entitled ‘Veterans in a Virgin State’, based on his research into Irish World War One veterans and showcasing his extensive photographic portfolio on the subject.

The event will take place at 2pm in Bundoran Community Library.

Listen to a History Ireland ‘Hedge School’ on the north-west at war, 1914-18.

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