16 May 2017: Launch of ‘Havoc: the Auxiliaries in Ireland’s War of Independence’, Hodges Figgis, Dublin 2

On Tuesday 16 May The Collins Press presented the launch of Paul O’Brien’s Havoc: the Auxiliaries in Ireland’s War of Independence. This is a study of the Auxiliary Division, the cadet corp formed by the British Government in 1920 as a paramilitary police force intended to bolster the depleted RIC in the face of the threat posed to British rule by the emerging IRA; composed largely of military veterans, the force acquired a reputation for brutality and attacks on civilians.

The book was launched by Lar Joye (NMI) in Hodges Figgis, Dawson St, Dublin 2.

From the International Encylopedia of the First World War: Black and Tans and Auxilairies.

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