16 April 2016: Royal Dublin Fusiliers Association seminar on Hulluch, Dublin City Hall, Dublin 2

header_logoOn Saturday 16 April the Royal Dublin Fusiliers Association, in co-operation with Dublin City Library and Archive, presented a one-day seminar on the experience of the 16th (Irish) Division at Hulluch in April 1916. During the same week in which the Easter Rising took place (24-30 April 1916), the 16th (Irish) Division suffered major losses in a gas attack launched by the Germans on 27 April 1916 at Hulluch, north of Loos in France. During April 1916, the Irish Division suffered 2,128 casualties; approx. 538 were killed, while the remainder were to suffer chronic lung and breathing conditions for the rest of their lives. Many of the casualties were members of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers; there were more Irish fatalities at Hulluch that week then in Dublin.The seminar is being organised to mark the centenary of the Hulluch attacks. Speakers include Tom Burke, Elaine Byrne, Francie Devine, Kevin Myers, and Ronan McGreevy. Full details of the programme can be found here.

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