15 November 2016: ‘Atlas of the Irish revolution’ lecture: ‘Reflections on the changing historiography of the Irish Revolution’, National Library of Ireland, Dublin 2

upload-adc39690-2285-11e6-9949-a56127bc2b91On Tuesday 15 November 2016 the National Library of Ireland hosted the latest in a series of public lectures based on the forthcoming Atlas of the Irish Revolution. Prof. Gearoid Ó Tuathaigh (NUI Galway) delivered a lecture entitled ‘Reflections on the changing historiography of the Irish Revolution’.

As with all major historical events and periods, the historiography of the Irish revolution has been determined by a combination of factors: access to primary sources, the ideological disposition of historians, political preoccupations within the wider society, and the changing societal view of historical events that comes with the inexorable passage of time. The centenary of the 1916 Rising presented an opportunity for taking stock of how these forces have shaped (and continue to shape) interpretations of revolutionary years (1913-23) in Ireland.

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