15 March 2017: Launch of ‘Winnie and George’, Belfast City Hall, Belfast

On Wednesday 15 March 2017, as part of its ‘Decade of Centenaries’ programme, Belfast City Hall hosted the launch of Alison Murphy’s Winnie and George: an unlikely union. This joint biography explores the unlikely marriage between the Republican and 1916 veteran Winifred Carney, a Catholic, and her husband George McBride, a UVF and British Army veteran from a Protestant unionist background.  Author Alison Murphy spoke on the lives of these two figures, documenting their backgrounds and how they came together in a common cause of fairness and the rights of the working class in Belfast.

The launch took place in the Reception Hall, Belfast City Hall, at 6.30pm. 270663.

From BBC Voices 16:  Winifred Carney and George McBride.

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