14 April 2016: Casement lecture series: ‘One bold deed of open treason’, Dublin City Gallery the Hugh Lane, Dublin 2

f38241f8475bc601d78566a940e9f699On 14 April 2016 Dublin City Gallery the Hugh Lane presented the latest in its ongoing series of evening lecture on the life of Sir Roger Casement: ‘One bold deed of open treason’: the appalling vista of Roger Casement’s trial’, by Angus Mitchell.

For over twenty years, Sir John Lavery’s great history painting of Casement’s appeal lay propped up against a wall in the artist’s studio. The troubled history of the painting in various ways mirrors the contorted agonies of the subject matter. By digging beneath the surface of the painting, Angus Mitchell  excavated some of the key fault lines in Lavery’s rendering of this drama.

Angus Mitchell is a historian and cultural critic, who has spent the last twenty years investigating the life and legacy of Roger Casement. Currently he lectures in the Kemmy Business School at the University of Limerick.

From Dublin Review of Books: Angus Mitchell on the backdrop to Casement’s trial.

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