12 May 2018: ‘New approaches to Irish revolutionary history’, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2

On Saturday 12 May Trinity College Dublin hosted a one-day seminar entitled ‘New approaches to Irish revolutionary history’, marking the fortieth anniversary of the publication of David Fitzpatrick’s Politics and Irish life: Provincial experience of war and revolution, 1913-21. Fitzpatrick’s book was a study of Co. Clare, and proved enormously influential in exploring the social history of the Irish revolution from the perspectives of civilians, Home Rulers and loyalists as well as republicans, and by integrating the impact of the First World War into the study of the period. His pioneering study is regarded as one of the most important and influential works on modern Irish history published in the past fifty years; this symposium was intended to explore its influence, and to examine many of the subjects it addressed in the light of new research conducted since its publication, often by students of Fitzpatrick at TCD.

Speakers ncluded Ann Dolan (TCD), Roy Foster (Oxford), Brian Hanley (Edinburgh) and Fearghal McGarry (QUB). The seminar took place in the TCD Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2. Explore the full programme here.


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