12 May 2016: Launch of ‘Saothar’ 1916 special edition, Liberty Hall, Dublin 1

Saothar 41 invitation copyOn 12 May 2016 Liberty Hall hosted the launch of the latest issue of Saothar, the journal of the Irish Labour History Society. This special issue’of the journal was launched on the centenary of James Connolly’s execution in the aftermath of the Easter Rising. The issue includes essays, notes on sources and reviews, all with a concentration on Connolly and the Rising. It includes articles giving regional perspectives on the Rising, on its global impact, on Labour in 1966, and on ‘the rabble’ in 1916.

Saothar 41 has been guest edited by Francis Devine, Sarah Anne Buckley and Brian Hanley.
It includes contributions from, amongst others, Stefan Berger, Stefan Braun, Kate O’Malley, Eve Morrison, Donal Fallon, Róisín Higgins, Adrian Grant and David Toms. The cover was designed by Sonia Slevin of SIPTU Communications. One of contributors, Stefan Braun, gave a lecture on ‘The global impact of 1916’ as part of this special launch event.

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