11 November 2014: ‘Women and the First World War’ conference and book launch, PRONI, Belfast

parkhill_emma duffin-2 copyOn 11 November 2014 the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) hosted a half-day conference entitled ‘Women and the First World War’. This was to mark the publication of The First World War diaries of Emma Duffin, edited by Trevor Parkhill, formerly of PRONI, and will some aspects of the experiences of Irish women during the First World War. The speakers (who drew upon papers held in PRONI) were: Ian Montgomery on ‘Sources in PRONI for Ireland in the First World War’; Ann McVeigh on ‘Women in the First World War’; Brett Irwin on ‘Lady Londonderry and the First World War’; and Trevor Parkhill on ‘Emma Duffin, Belfast Voluntary Aid Detachment Nurse’. The conference was be followed by the launch of the book.


From the British Library: learn more about gender roles during and after World War One, and women in war propaganda.



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