10 March 2016: Casement lecture series: ‘Courting favour and the court of criminal appeal’, Dublin City Gallery the Hugh Lane, Dublin 1

f38241f8475bc601d78566a940e9f699At 6.30pm on Thursday 10 March Dublin City Gallery the Hugh Lane presented an illustrated lecture entitled Courting favour and the court of criminal appeal, by Sinéad McCoole. This reflected on the life of the Irish born artist Sir John Lavery (1856-1941) who painted High Treason, the famous depiction of the trial of Roger Casement, and his evolution from orphan to wealthy society painter. She explored the reasons he painted this work at the height of his fame, which was neither a formal commission nor a piece of iconography commemorating an Irish martyr. Sinéad McCoole is currently Curatorial Advisor Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme.

From History Ireland: Angus Mitchell on Lavery’s ‘High Treason’.

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