1 September 2017: ‘Women and the Irish revolution, 1917-23: Feminism, violence, nationalism’, Royal Irish Academy, Dawson St, Dublin 2

On Friday 1 September 2017 the Royal Irish Academy hosted a one day conference organised by Maynooth University, entitled ‘Women and the Irish revolution, 1917-23: Feminism, violence, nationalism’. The period 1917–1923 was marked by political violence and upheaval in Ireland, ending in partition and independence for 26 of its 32 counties. How this period of revolution significantly affected women’s lives requires further analysis, and this conference brought together new research by leading scholars exploring how women both participated in revolutionary activities in the 1917-23 period in Ireland, and were affected by the climate of terror and war that existed. The complex experience of Irish women throughout this period as activists, militants, and as ordinary citizens was explored using new evidence. Speakers  included Andy Bielenberg (UCC), Linda Connolly (Maynooth), Mary McAuliffe (UCD), and Margaret Ward (QUB).

This conference is supported by an Irish Research Council ‘New foundations’ award; learn more about the full programme and booking details.

From Century Ireland: The suffrage movement.

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