1 November 2015: 95th anniversary of execution of Kevin Barry, Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin 11

220px-Kevin_BarryOn 1 November 2015 a commemoration took place in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin to mark the 95th anniversary of the execution of Kevin Barry on 1 November 1920. Barry was 8 Fleet St, Dublin 2, on 20 January 1902. He was the son of a dairyman and was a student in University College Dublin; he joined the Dublin Brigade of the IRA and, on 20 September 1920, he and a number of others ambushed a group of British soldiers on Church St in order to steal their weapons. Three of Barry’s comrades were killed and he was captured. He was the first member of the IRA to be captured by the British since the Easter Rising of 1916; despite his youth, he became the first to be executed under new and draconion laws directed against the IRA. His death at such a young age, despite a campaign for clemency, made him one of the most famous republican martyrs of the war. Barry was re-interred in Glasnevin in 2001.

From Glasnevin Trust: The life and death of Kevin Barry.

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